the SG magazine

This page has some recent back copies of the SG magazine on-line in pdf format for you to view. Please help support us (and the prisoners) financially by getting membership of the ALF Supporters Group which is £2 per month, or £24 per year. Paid members will receive the SG magazine, so they can keep up to date with news, etc.

on-line SG magazines

Click on the images below to download a low-res version of our magazines, they are in pdf format and you will need a small, free program 'Adobe reader' to view them (if you don't have it already), which can be downloaded from here.

July 2012 (Mb)
December 2011 (890Kb)
August 2011 (4.4Mb)
April 2011 (2.7Mb)
December 2010 (3.9Mb)
August 2010 (2.2Mb)
April 2010 (4.3Mb)
December 2009 (8.5Mb)
August 2009 (2.1Mb)
April 2009 (7.7Mb)
August 2008 (3.2Mb)


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