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20th March 2024

Released: Itamar from SUSARON 4

Itamar was released on 5th March, but with heavy probation conditions for five years! The other 3 prisoners are still locked up and awaiting trial, please support them.


21st February 2024

Update: Sindre Annassoon Persson

Sindre has not been receiving his mail through the detention centre. We're advising supporters to write to Sindre's family, so he can receive support. Please write to: Sindre Annasson Persson, Rudolf Jonassons väg 25B, 24136 Eslöv, Sweden - thank you.


14th February 2024

New: Sindre Annasson Persson

Sindre is an animal rights activist, 21 years old, from Sweden. Sindre is a kind and respected comrade in the animal rights community, who has fought against animal abusers in various ways.

In October 2023, Sindre was sentenced to forensic psychiatric forced care. The verdict refers to prosecution for actions in 2021, against the former fur farmer Niklas Pettersson. Sindre denies the alleged crime. Sindre was also sentenced to pay SEK 10,000 in damages to Niklas. The sentence was appealed, but later in 2023 The Court of Appeal upheld the verdict. If Sindre had not been sentenced to forensic psychiatric care, his prison sentence would have been only four months.

Sindre was detained immediately after the trial, on the 9th October 2023 and has since been imprisoned without an end date. A horrible sentence!

Support Sindre! Help him endure behind bars, let him know he’s not alone.


5th January 2024

Released: Ladislav Kuc

Ladislav has been released on 1st January, after nearly 12 years in prison. We are very happy that he is no longer banged up and wish him all the very best.


10th December 2023

Released: Wayne Hsiung

Wayne has been released after 40 days in prison. He was released slightly earlier due to overcrowding. He still has two years probation and is not allowed to talk or see 14 named 'co-conspirators', many his closest friends for two years too - he is going to appeal!


30th November 2023

Update: Wayne Hsiung

Wayne was sentenced today after being on remand the past 4 weeks. He has been sentenced to 90 days in prison, so should be released in a couple of weeks. He was given two years probation and is not allowed to talk with any named 'co-conspirators', including several of his closest friends for two years - he is going to appeal!


25th November 2023

Moved: Marius Mason

Marius was moved to Fort Worth on 18th September. The mail rules are different, so please double check and for more news about Marius, see: https://supportmariusmason.org/2023/10/27/marius-back-in-texas/


4th November 2023

New: Wayne Hsiung

On 2nd November, Wayne was convicted and remanded into prison. He will be sentenced on 30th November.
After a 8 week court case for the open rescue of chickens and ducks, Wayne was found guilty of one count of felony conspiracy to commit trespass and two misdemeanour trespass charges, for entering the chicken supplier Sunrise Farms in Sonoma County, California. Please write to him.
His birthday is: 18th June


19th October 2023

Released: Paul Allman

Paul was released today after serving ten weeks in prison on a trumped up charge. He will now have a further ten weeks on license.
We wish him all the best.


17th August 2023

New: Paul Allman

Paul was sentenced to 20 week imprisonment on Friday, 11th August.
Paul's sentence is relating to hunt sabbing against the Wynnstay Hunt who have been involved in illegal hunting and blocking of badger setts. Please write to him.


6th July 2023

Released: Ben Newman

Ben was arrested on Saturday, 3rd June and was later remanded to prison, until his court hearing today. He pleaded guilty and received a 18 week imprisonment sentence, suspended for two years and a fine.


15th June 2023

Update: Susaron4 prisoners

Below is a link to the collective communique published by the four activists jailed after the arson at a meat packaging plant in Chile. Remember that you can support them by sending letters to: solidaridad.antiespecista4@gmail.com and that you can donate to their fund on: www.paypal.me/solidaridad4

See: https://unoffensiveanimal.is/2023/06/15/caso-susaron-prisoners-release-a-communique-after-seven-months-in-jail/


5th June 2023

New: Ben Newman

Ben was arrested on Saturday, 3rd June to try and prevent horses being harmed at the epson derby and to continue the crucial public conversation about our broken relationship with animals and nature. He was remanded to prison, despite all other co-defendants getting bail. His next court apperance will be on 6th July. His birthday is: 1st October.


18th May 2023

Released: Mel Broughton

Mel was released on bail today, after being remanded back in November 2022. His pending trial will probably be in February 2024. We wish him and his co-defendants the very best outcome.


December 2022

Susaron Four


Back in September 2022, national and international news covered an arson attack at a meat packaging plant in Chile, where the refrigeration system and the trucks had been set alight by antispeciesist activists.

At the end of November 2022, four people were arrested and remanded to prison accused of the arson and are under investigation.
Since then, the four comrades arrested have been adjusting to prison but their spirits are high and their political views are stronger than ever. They even managed to help rescue a cat and her kittens from inside of prison to release them to the free world to be seen by a vet. A true prison escape story!

They are going to need lots of support economically, but they should also receive emotional support and as many letters of love and support as possible. Prosecution is asking for a minimum of 10 years in prison, but they will have a review of their case (and a re-evaluation of their remand) in January 2023.

The four comrades arrested have chosen to remain anonymous and are using pseudonyms as names, they do not wish their photos to be published and will be receiving letters via an email address that is managed by friends outside.

RU/GATO is an anarcho-nihilist, vegan, straight edge prisoner. He is 28 years old, loves animals and hates drugs. He maintains his belief in illegal direct action as the tool to fight for animal and total liberation. He considers himself a proud political prisoner against the business that controls the Chilean territory.

PANDA is a straight edge, vegan anarchist prisoner. He is 26 years old. Enemy of the law and order forcefully imposed by the capitalist system. Loves nature, ecosystems, animals and simplicity. Proud political prisoner, honest with his politics and vehemently in favour of animal and human liberation from the business-territory so-called Chile.

ITA is a vegan, straight edge prisoner. She is 23 years old. She loves nature, animals and specially colours and cats! She opposed the system and the so called law and order. Proud antispeciesist political prisoner. She feels calm and patient with the consequences of the illegal fight against speciesism.

TORTU is a vegan, anarcho-nihilist, straight edge political prisoner. Hates the system, loves nature, animals and freedom for all. Proud political prisoner for animal liberation.

Please write to them, you can simply write an email specifying who you are sending it to: solidaridad.antiespecista4@gmail.com

If you can afford it, consider sending some cash to the support group, who will be redistributing funds between them for commissary but also will be helping with legal costs, solicitors and court costs.
Their communal PayPal is www.paypal.me/solidaridad4


16th November 2022

New: Mel Broughton

Long time activist Mel Broughton has been remanded in prison, on trumped up charges. He does not wish for his charges to be discussed publicly, but he would love support. Please write to him. His birthday is: 5th July.


November 2022

Sentenced to time served: Joseph Dibee

After Joseph was released on house arrest awaiting trial back in January 2021. Joseph now has pleaded guilty to two counts of historical actions during his trial on 1st November 2022. He has to do 1000 hours of community service along with the time served which was two and half years in prison and 17 months on house arrest and doesn't have to go back to prison


August 2021

Released: Peter Janssen

Peter was released from prison in August and has probation until June 2022


January 2021

Released, awaiting trial: Joseph Dibee

Joseph Dibee was released from federal custody in Portland in January 2021 after been remanded for the past two and a half years. He now is in Seattle under house arrest until his trial.

Released: Karl Häggroth
Karl was released from prison in early January 2021 after a trial were they were given 100 hours of community service, they are waiting another court date relating to other charges.


December 2020

Released: Richii Klinsmeister

Richii was released from prison in mid December 2020 after completing a four month sentence for actions against mink farmers.

New: Karl Häggroth

Karl, a long-time Swedish animal rights activist was arrested and remanded in early December 2020. They are awaiting trial, accused of actions against the fur industry.


October 2020

New: Richii Klinsmeister

Richii was sent to prison in early October 2020, after being sentenced to a four month sentence for actions against mink farmers.


September 2020

Released: Brian Vaillancourt

Brian was released from prison in September 2020. In February 2014, Brian was sentenced to nine years in prison after pleading to an arson charge related to a fire that damaged a Chicago-area McDonald's in January 2013.


August 2020

Released: Sven van Hasselt

Sven was released from prison in August 2020 after serving five years in prison for "conspiracy to blackmail," in relation to the campaign to close down the notorious animal testing lab Huntingdon Life Sciences (rebranded as Envigo).


June 2020

Released: Walter Bond

In mid June, after almost 10 years in captivity, Walter was released from federal prison in Indiana today, and will spend the next few months in a halfway house


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'Never doubt that a small group of concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.'

- Margaret Mead