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Current Prisoners

Please write cards or letters to the following prisoners. Even if you just send a card with a brief message, receiving a message of support from the outside world can make a huge difference to the prisoner.

Remember all correspondence is read by prison staff. Also don’t expect a reply as there is a limit to the number of letters each prisoner can write. Many prisons in the Uk are signed up to the 'Email a Prisoner' service, where you can email letters to all UK AR prisoners.

For more details:

Cheques & Postal Orders

Please note that details of who the cheques/POs should be made payable to are listed below. The prisoner's name and number should be printed clearly on the back of the cheque/PO. The prisoner will then forward the cheque/PO to be processed. Please also include a Stamped Addressed Envelope (SAE) for the prisoner to acknowledge receipt, and indicate in your letter that you have done so.

The animal liberation front supporters group (ALFSG)

PO Box 1107


'Never doubt that a small group of concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.'

- Margaret Mead